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Jan 29, 2013 3:00am PST
forbid, john mccain and lindsey graham there and marco rubio or whatever. but in the end the president gets the credit. it is his administration. his legacy. he signs the bill. so -- >> can we call it obama-ration across the nation. >> bill: of course there weren't any republicans for reform. no matter what happens republicans will get most of the credit. but as you point out one of the arguments that has always been made and is still made today. i saw today not all republicans will go along with this. there will be some already some opposition saying we need to secure the border! that's what we need to do. forget about these 11 million people here who are illegal. we have to stop this porous border. what's the truth about that? >> the entire plan is contingent on the border. it says you -- once this thing passes, if you look at the principles, these eight laid out, almost immediately the 11 million undocumented get this probationary status. they can work legally, they won't be harassed. for a green card, for any kind of permanent legal status, that's contingent on border security. if
Jan 28, 2013 3:00am PST
mccain can't do anything without lindsey graham alongside of him. they also include marco rubio from florida and geoff flake, the other senate from arizonaother senate from arizona. democrats insisted any immigration reform bill had to include a path to citizenship. had to do something about these 11 million people estimated, i think it's higher than that, who had been here, came here illegally, have lived here a long time had their families have jobs, have houses have kids in school. some have kids in the military belong to local churches members of the community, had to do something being them and allow -- give them a path to staying here permanently as american citizenship. democrats always insisted on that. and the president has insisted as have democrats, that this all has to be contained in one bill. it can't be little piece meal things. republicans, for their side, still have this broken record kind of demand that we have to have tougher controls at the border when, in fact we already have tougher controls at the border, more agents there than ever before, fewer people coming
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2